CaneX photographed when they won Oi-X. Photo: Kaare Smith

CaneX awarded Bevica Seed Grant

Tuesday 21 Apr 20


Line Nykjær Johansen
Project coordinator
DTU Skylab
+45 25 13 97 22

About ‘Technology leaving no one behind’

‘Technology leaving no one behind’ is currently a 3-year project with a total budget of DKK 11 million, of which the Bevica Foundation provides DKK 5 million, while DTU co-finances DKK 6 million.

Disabled Peoples’ Organizations Denmark is contributing as a strategic partner. As part of the project, a project manager at DTU Skylab is responsible for developing offers and programmes for start-ups working specifically with solutions targeted at people with motor disabilities, but also with a broader focus on start-ups and students in general who can benefit from an inclusive mindset. DTU Management is also an important partner in the project, where a postdoc from the department will work on research and educational methods, tools, and cases across all of DTU’s study programmes in collaboration with a professor funded by the Bevica Foundation.

About the Bevica Foundation

With point of departure in the philanthropic effort and intentions of the founder, reverend Hans Knudsen, the Bevica Foundation strives to continue to make a difference for people with motor disabilities through collaboration and with a focus on current societal challenges.


We are happy to announce that the start-up CaneX has been awarded DKKR 20.000 from The Bevica Foundation in March 2020 through the DTU Skylab Funding program. The Bevica Seed Grant is awarded to student start-ups working within the field of accessibility and universal design. 



The inclusive solution

CaneX is an innovative walking cane that enables visually impaired people to navigate around crowded cities and landscapes as easily as anyone else, avoiding fixed and moving obstacles along the way. It is a handheld device that is an active and a real time intuitive guidance system. Upon IoT connectivity, the location of destination is set up and through the TAPAS high precision positioning, the exact coordinates of the user is obtained. A wide angle camera on the device also observes moving and stationary obstacles in real time, and a torque motor on the device provides the necessary movements that is to be made by the user, analogous to being led by a person or a guide dog. There are also special provisions in the device to pick the three most travelled to destinations, and there is a provision to call peers and relatives to load coordinates for new locations as well. Through consistent use of the product, the best route between different points are learnt and suggested to the users. There is the option of ‘free walk’ as well – where the user does not fix any destination coordinates. For a smoother transition into using CaneX, it can be extended into a full length traditional cane if needed.

The grant committee consists of Sif Holst, Vice Chairperson of The Disabled Peoples’ Organization Denmark, John Paulin Hansen, Professor at DTU Management, and Marianne Kofoed, Director of The Bevica Foundation. The committee has chosen to award CaneX the grant do to the innovative features of the technology, enabling people with visual impairments to navigate as freely in urban environments, as people without disabilities, thereby promoting greater accessibility, inclusion and equality for the target group. 

The Team

CaneX won Oi-X Green Mobility in 2019 and consists of four engineers from different backgrounds: Mohammad Hossein Kazemi, Antonio V. Arbues, Prasanna Chandrasekaran. 

The Bevica Seed Grant

The Bevica Seed Grant is part of the new initiative ‘Technology Leaving no one Behind’ aiming to make accessibility and universal design an integral part of engineering sustainable technological solutions at DTU. All DTU students, PhD’s and postdocs, alumni (within 1 year from graduation) and teams with at least one DTU profile in the founder team can apply.  

The next deadline is September 13, 2020. Read more about the Bevica Seed Grants and Skylab Funding here:
Read more about the initiative ‘Technology Leaving no one Behind’ here:

Next application deadline for Bevica Seed Grants and Skylab Funding is 13 September 2020. 

Further information

Line Nykjær Johansen, Project Coordinator, DTU Skylab, +45 25139722,


Universal Design

According to The UN Convention of Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Universal design” means the design of products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. “Universal design” shall not exclude assistive devices for particular groups of persons with disabilities where this is needed. Read more about Universal Design here:




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