Teaching and Events

Auditorium (funded by Rambøll Foundation)
You can use the auditorium for lectures and events. It seats 110 people and can easily be extended into the open work space for a maximum of 300 people. The tables are flexible on wheels so you can re-organize the room for group work - easily and fast.

The auditorium contains state of the art AV equipment including robot cameras for recording lectures, pitches, etc. Further, it is easy to alternate between lecturing and practical learning, e.g. as the workshops allow the students to immediately translate what they heard in the lectures into experiments and prototypes.

Meeting rooms
Skylab also offers access to group- and meeting rooms where you can have great brainstorm sessions, writing on the walls or roll down the curtains for exam sessions. Our group/project rooms are Hale Bopp, Polaris and Tellus (14-16 m2).

Our largest meeting room is the Skybox (60m2), which you can use for smaller events, courses, workshops or bigger meetings. The beautiful, free-flowing Skybox can fit up to 30 people and has the coolest view in town. It can easily be divided into two rooms of 30m2. The other meeting room is Apollo (32m2) which is located on the opposite of the Skybox.

Open work space

The open work space is a big open space which can be used for group work, etc. Just take a seat besides the other students and work on your project. The kitchenette gives you access to free coffee and tea.

Booking request and inquiries

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