DTU Skylab Digital: Introductory Courses

Are you curious about new technologies? Do you want to get hands-on with sensors, robots and programming?
Come to an introductory course at DTU Skylab and Get Started with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Soft Robotics and more. These courses are suitable for beginners, so just bring your own computer and we will provide the rest.
Seats are limited. Sign-up using the link below


All courses are Thursdays from 13-16 in DTU Skylab Digital, Centrifugevej 374.


Introduction to Generative Graphics with Processing (14/10 & 9/12)
Delve into the world of procedural animations and computer-generated images in this introductory 3-hour course. We will explore key programming concepts using Processing and apply them to pixels, shapes, colours and filters to create a gallery of masterpieces!


Introduction to Soft Robotics (18/11 & 16/12)
In this hands-on introduction, we will build our own soft actuators and work with air and fluids to build actuating systems. In this 3-hour course, you will learn how to design and make moulds, cast with soft silicone and actuate your robots.


Arduino 1+2 (4/11 & 11/11)
In this two-part course, we will get to know the Arduino platform, work with sensors and actuators to build an embedded system. Part one covers the basics of working with electronics and programming, and part two is an applied model-car project.


Raspberry Pi 1+2 (25/11 & 2/12)
In this two-part course, we will familiarize ourselves with programming with Python on the Raspberry Pi. In part one, we will look at Python and Unix fundamentals, and work with a simple hardware I-O system using analogue and digital sensors. In part two, we will look at working with camera images, handling data and using external APIs and libraries


Thu 25 Nov 21
13:00 - 16:00




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