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How to Start a Startup Part II

Have you ever considered how to commercialize your research? One of the options is to start your own company. You have probably heard that DTU produces a number of spin-out companies every year, and maybe you are curious to learn more about how to actually do that.

Sign up for this two-part workshop where we will provide practical advice for PhDs and Post Docs on how to prepare for starting a spin-out. You do not need a specific product idea to participate.

  • Part I (23. August):
    • Understand the support and funding options at DTU
    • How do you decide if starting a company is the right thing to do?
    • How to file your inventions and how to work with patents
    • Meet people who have done it
    • Meet people who are about to do it
    • Learn the most common reasons why startups fail

  • Part II (20. september from 9-13)
    • Learn to pitch your idea in 30 seconds
    • Has someone already built this?
    • Google it – Socialize it.
    • Prepare to meet your first customer
    • Decide on next steps

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Thu 20 Sep 18
9:00 - 13:00




DTU Skylab
Diplomvej, building 373A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
18 AUGUST 2019