Let's Re-open a Sustainable Society - Virtual Innovation Sprint

DTU are hosting a large virtual innovations sprint to bring new agendas, new development projects and new partnerships to live to accelerate a transitioning to a sustainable circular society. 

Read more here: https://virtualinnovationsprint.com

If you have an existing project or start-up that can support this journey, join the program. If you are driven and passionate to make a change join the program and form a new team from where you will make a new change flourish. You will get the chance to work with students from all over the world, and get experience with how to collaborate in a virtual online co-lab space.

We are inviting 200 participant to form teams of 3-5 people. Track mentors, skill mentors and team coaches will be there to guide and co-develop with you. 

Each challenge track will have a monetary reward of 20.000 DKK, and will be continued in designated community activities after the sprint. Acceleration partners are ready to support those interested in continuing.    

You will be working with companies and organizations that are ready to on-board this paradigm change, and be a valuable change agent in the coming time.

Be part of the change you want to see to happen!


Thu 27 Aug 20 10:00 -
Sun 30 Aug 20 16:00




Virtual sprint: Let’s re-open a sustainable circular society