Obital får støtte fra business angels

DTU startup-company attracts investors

Tuesday 19 Feb 19


Kristoffer Buch
Project Manager
Office for Innovation and Sector Services
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DTU eyetracking-startup Obital attracts investment in a field of 110 startup-companies in the Nordic countries.

DTU startup-company Obital has attracted an investment on 400.000 Euro from a syndicate of investors. Obital that has developed a low cost software-based eye-tracking technology with a vision for changing the way people interact, is the first startup-company to leave DTU Skylabs incubator, where they have worked on their business-plans until January 2019.


The investments in Obital is a result of the Danish NAP, part of The Nordic Angel Program (NAP), which is a three-month training program for Business Angels running simultaneously in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Norway in 2018 and 2019.


DanBANs second NAP was launched at TechBBQ in September 2018 – the perfect event for hunting some of the best tech startups in the Nordics. Within two months, we received more than 110 applications from startups seeking funding.


The 110 startups applicants were cut down to 30 pre-screened cases, from which the NAP group evaluated in scores from 1-4, to find the final TOP 10 for a final pitch event. Following this final pitch and sparring event, the NAP group chose to go into due diligence with three of the startups, from where only one startup was selected.


Out of the 110 startup applicants, the NAP group chose to invest 250.000 EUR in Obital, that received total funding of 400.000 EUR, where the 250.000 EUR is from the NAP group with Sune Alstrup and Kim Schrøder as lead angels.


Obital was chosen out of the 110 cases due to:


1. A strong team, two agile young founders and a pair of highly experienced eye tracking specialists.

2. Great opportunity in the assistive technology market.

3. Prototype with the potential to significantly impact quality of life for the disabled and their families.


The purpose of NAP is to educate business angels so they become better investors and mentors for the startups, increase cross-border activity and facilitate syndicated investment in European ICT companies.

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18 AUGUST 2019