Application for using the teaching facilities at DTU Skylab

Tuesday 12 May 15

Want to use the teaching facilities at DTU Skylab for one of your courses? Apply now for the 2015 autumn semester

At Skylab, faculty is invited to teach their courses and host extra-curricular activities that aim to foster the entrepreneurial and innovative skills of students.
For instance, we have a bright and airy auditorium seating up to 100 people that can be extended into the open co-creation space – making it possible to give lectures to more than 150 students. The auditorium is equipped with flexible tables on wheels that can be combined in various ways allowing for group work.

Have a look at our website to find information about the different workshops and the equipment available. Or take a virtual tour inside here: Take a tour

The application process

We are getting more and more requests to take in courses and therefore, we are putting in place a sort of application process allowing all educators to have equal opportunity to apply for using the teaching facilities. Because we want to make sure that the application process doesn’t collide with the regular allocation of rooms at DTU, we are initiating the process now so you will know whether you are able to use Skylab before the deadline for applying for the regular rooms.


Please fill out the application form and send the form to Sannie Fisker at Skylab ( by June 1st 2015 at the latest. You can also get in contact with Sannie if you have any questions (phone: 2012 2515).

Important dates

May 11th 2015: Application round opens
June 1st 2015: Deadline for applications
June 10th 2015: Reply to applicants

In case all “teaching slots” at Skylab are not booked in this application round, the available space will be announced at our website and enquiries can be made to Sannie Fisker (

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