From prototype to innovation hub

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab, back then DTU Innovatorium, opened on 1 March 2013 in a prototype version in building 205 on Lyngby Campus. The aim was to support student innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU. We wanted to create an exciting and creative environment where students could test their innovative ideas, share knowledge and collaborate with external partners and the business community.

Our strategy was just to get started and then learn by our mistakes along the way. We tested the concept for about a year and it became a success. DTU Skylab has proved that the right mindset, the right facilities and the right network make up the perfect combination for helping students convert their ideas and concepts into useful societal input. Several students went from idea to product to start-up or created positive results through their work with innovation projects in existing companies. It was then decided that a new version 2.0. was to be created.

DTU Skylab

In collaboration with the users of Skylab, we created Skylab version 2.0. on 1 September 2014. The new DTU Skylab is to help set the agenda for innovation and entrepreneurship. We moved to building 373A on Diplomvej in a renovated, high-ceilinged factory where we got 1550m2 of space, which gave the students access to more rooms, more machines and more events.
It is our philosophy that Skylab should be a place that allows the students to think big and to fail, but also a place where they dare think ambitiously, globally and fearlessly. DTU Skylab officially opened on 11 September 2014.

We welcome you to a place with room for both small and big ideas.
We welcome you to a place where we see the value of ambition as well as learning from failure.
We welcome you to DTU Skylab - a cross-disciplinary hub and community for student innovation.
19 OCTOBER 2019