Skylab Café

Skylab Café

Welcome to Skylab Café

The DTU Skylab Café is open again from June 1st.

Here you will find delicious food and drinks from Jespers Torvekøkken.

If you have questions in regards to the specific menu or allergens please contact Jesper Torvekøkken:

In the new beautiful DTU Skylab café you can grab a cappuccino or other specialty coffees with home made bakery on the side.

The menu is based on the principles behind future sustainable diets and ingredients. 

You will primarily experience a plant-based menu with plenty of flavor and color, combined with a touch of classical elements and meat supplements. 

Opening hours 07.30-14.30 

Please contact us if you have questions in regards to catering for events or meetings.

All visiting the café must wear a mouthpiece.

However, this does not apply when sitting down.


Nicoline Thygesen
Event coordinator
DTU Skylab