About DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab is DTU’s (Technical University of Denmark) living lab for innovation and entrepreneurship. We match state of the art technology and science with an ambitious and open community, where students, researchers and corporate partners meet to exchange knowledge and develop visionary solutions for real world challenges.

At DTU Skylab, the convergence of technologies and talent from different fields, combined with an entrepreneurial mindset, creates a unique culture of learning and innovation for everyone involved in our community.

DTU Skylab is located at the main DTU Campus in Lyngby and is housed in a facility of 5500 square meters, complete with labs, workshops, auditoriums, open spaces and project rooms. We are a cross-disciplinary learning environment used by various institutes at DTU, and we also offer soft funding, business acceleration, prototyping and a space to grow for deep tech start-ups and pre start-up projects. DTU Skylab also host many extra-curricular events and programmes initiated by our staff and wider community.

We invite everyone interested in participating to come by and check out our facility, follow our activities on social media or to look for relevant programmes and offers on our website.

DTU Skylab - This place is yours.


ArchitectsJuul Frost Architects.
2020 expansion: Rørbæk & Møller architects

The 2020 expansion of DTU Skylab was made possible by a generous donation by the AP Moller Relief Foundation

Read our annual report for 2019.

The Journey of an Innovation Hub