At DTU Skylab you find well-equipped workshop facilities that can support you in the fabrication of your prototype.

Our highly skilled engineers can point you in the right direction concerning materials, user interfaces, design for manufacturing and so on.

Metal workshop


  • Prototyping must be related to projects or startups at DTU
  • You must be registered in the workshops before you start

3D printers



Rapid Prototyping and Electronic Lab

The rapid prototyping workshop is where to start for a quick and dirty mockup of your idea. The rapid prototyping workshop is designed to allow you to run several iterations quickly and cheaply.

Prototype illustration

DanSTAR rocket

Machine, Welding/Sheet Metal and Wood Workhop

The Machine, Welding/Sheet Metal and Wood workshops allows you to realize your prototype. With instructions from the Skylab staff, you can get access to the machines and will be able to manufacture your own prototype parts.

The Skylab staff are experienced in product development and have an extensive track record within the development of prototypes and components. We like to challenge your existing ideas and guide you towards a new, better solution or we can help you to optimize the existing solution.

The workshop facilities are only available in opening hours and you can only operate machinery under the supervision of staff. We have a wide variety of materials in stock, which can be used free of charge, provided access has been granted.

Due to the number of students that wish to use our facilities, we ask that you make an appointment before visiting us.

Wood workshop

Responsible for Machine, Metal, Wood and Welding

Martin Meister

Martin Meister

+45 50 52 91 49

Responsible for Machine, Metal, Wood and Welding

Rasmus Jørgensen

Rasmus Malone Jørgensen

+45 93 51 17 71

Responsible for Rapid prototyping and Electronics

Poul Thorbjørn Sørensen

Poul Thorbjørn

+45 93 51 06 63