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DTU Skylab Digital is a gathering point for innovation with a digital backbone. At DTU Skylab Digital, we collect expertise from researchers, business people, students and other experts-in-their-fields to create a synergy around making the digital real.

Skylab Digital is an interdisciplinary partnership between four of Denmark’s leading Universities: the University Of Copenhagen (DIKU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS), the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the IT-University of Copenhagen (ITU). Additionally, we work with industry, public institutions, student organizations and startup companies.

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Digital Health Startup Partnerships
Read more about how Skylab Digital strengthens innovative technology development in HealthTech companies through matchmaking with researchers.

The main goal of the collaboration is to increase and sustain innovative and valuable research and development within emerging areas of digital technologies and their applications, through the engagement of students, academics and industry actors in hands-on activities.

This new and unique collaboration focusses not only on cutting-edge technologies, but also on how their application can and will effect society and humanity. We hope to make a valuable contribution to, for example, the application of ethical frameworks in AI implementations, machine-driven processes in healthcare and data management in the public sector.

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Responsible Technology Development
The increasing power and capabilities of technical solutions raises important questions regarding ethical behavior and the responsible gathering and use of data. To address this, we place a specific focus on human-centric technology, sustainable societies and how technology fundamentally changes our everyday lives. In this area, we work with closely with DTU Compute who are making headway in the safe application of AI.

The current manifestation of the initiative is in the lab located at DTU Skylab in Lyngby and our group of expert researchers from each of the partner institutions. We are gearing up to offer workshops and events for next semester in NLP, Explainable AI and Blockchain.

DTU Skylab Digital opened in January 2020 with a kick-off event for all our partners.

Find DTU Skylab Digital on the first floor of DTU Skylab.

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