InnoExplorer Grant på DTU

InnoExplorer is a national programme operated by Innovation Fund Denmark for commercialisation of research results at a pre-commercial stage, which need maturation to investigate the potential for commercial exploitation or societal benefit.

  • For final technical and commercial maturation towards a commercial application
  • 3 application rounds per year
  • 500,000-1,500,000 DKK, incl. 44% overhead
  • <12 months project period
  • Supports salary, materials, consultancy, reports/knowledge, market testing, marketing, travel, university overhead and IP-related cost, etc.
  • The programme is owned by Innovation Fund Denmark, which requires that DTU Skylab qualifies and endorses all applications coming from DTU
  • DTU Skylab will provide assistance for the preparation of the application.

Please contact your DTU Skylab Innovation Partner in advance to discuss your opportunities in the InnoExplorer grant programme.  Please note, that if you already have established a company to commercialise your innovation, you will not be able to receive any of the enable programme’s grants.

Application and deadlines

There are four deadlines to meet in the application process for InnoExplorer grants. The exact dates for the deadlines can be seen below:


Internal DTU deadline

Internal DTU Pitch

Innovation Fund deadline

Innovation Fund Panel meeting

9 December

6 January

12 January

26 January

7-18 March

21 March

30 March

6 April

27 April

30 May – 10 June

30 August

8 September

14 September

28 September

7 – 18 November

Internal DTU deadline

By this date you must notify your DTU Skylab Innovation Partner to enroll the qualification process. DTU Skylab will decide whether a project is admitted to the process.

Internal DTU Pitch

If admitted to the qualification process, you must prepare a draft application (slide deck) according to the InnoExplorer criteria and pitch it before the DTU Skylab pitch panel. The panel will select the applicants to be invited to apply for InnoExplorer from DTU. Make sure you are available, this is mandatory. Selected applicants will receive support from DTU Skylab’s Innovation Partners with refining the application for Innovation Fund Denmark.

Final deadline with Innovation Fund Denmark

Only applications endorsed by DTU Skylab can apply with Innovation Fund Denmark. This is the final date for application.

Innovation Fund Panel Meeting

This is where you pitch your application in front of the InnoExplorer panel, which then gives their recommendation for the final decision by the Innovation Fund Denmark Board. Usually you will receive the response 2-3 weeks after the panel meeting.

Guidelines and Inspiration

Check out the guidelines for InnoExplorer at Innovation Fund Denmark website (

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