How to start a startup

How to Start a Startup

How to Start a Startup is the entry level workshop for students with an interest in starting a company.

The workshops does not demand any prerequisites or formal experience, but you will be asked to present yourself and why you want to participate.

The workshops are divided in two parts:
In the first one, we will go through basic information about what kind of help you can receive from DTU and you will meet like-minded students with startup experience.
In part two, you will be asked to prepare a presentation about a project of your own, and you will get help to plan the next few steps for your startup.

We will be posting info and dates for the following workshops on this page.

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Pål Simon Fernvall
Senior Entrepreneurship Officer
DTU Skylab
+45 24 89 73 30


Jakob Svagin
Team Manager Start-ups and Prototyping
DTU Skylab
+45 28 72 04 88