Amplifying the knowledge and use of testbeds

What is the purpose of the initiative?

  • Strengthen the innovation capacity amongst food and beverage entrepreneurs by amplifying the knowledge about food testbeds for product and process development.
  • Testbeds and similar infrastructures are becoming increasingly important within the food and beverage sector as competition demands a rapid pace of development and increased innovation capacity. Testbeds facilitate product development and innovation and are key in achieving better productivity, competitiveness, sustainability, protection of natural resources, and nutritional attributes.
  • Having identified the need for business developers, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), and startups to learn about testbeds and to understand how to utilize testbeds to leapfrog product and process development, the project partners will create an online training program. The training program will showcase testbeds, new technologies, and other innovation infrastructures for business developers in order to better guide companies, in particular SMEs and startups. The cooperation will also open up access pathways to the available international infrastructures of testbeds.

Who is involved
DTU Skylab FoodLab has engaged in a two-year project with universities and innovation-supporting actors from Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden with the goal of increasing knowledge about testbeds, and how they can best be used for product and process development.

The project partners - Aula Dei Scientific and Technological Park Foundation, Spain, DTU Skylab FoodLab of Technical University of Denmark, Marketmentoro Cyprus, Lund University and Krinova Incubator & Science Park from Sweden - have an extensive experience working with companies, entrepreneurs, students and researchers within the food sector. With their innovation and business enabling roles, they are key agents in the dynamization and support of innovation processes.

The project Amplifying the Knowledge and Usage of Testbeds is co-founded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union.

For more information on the project partners, please see below in "About the Partners"

How long does the project run?
September 2019 until May 2022

Who is the contact person
Andrea McClave ( and Roberto Flore (

About the partners:
Krinova Incubator & Science Park, Sweden
Krinova stimulates novel thinking and creates jobs and growth. We do this by transforming societal challenges into innovation projects, bringing companies, the public sector and academia together in collaborations that result in long-term and sustainable development.

We are a meeting place for people and ideas and offer innovation and development support to companies – ranging from idea stage to established ones. Within the profile area food – environment – health, we create partnerships and projects at a, regional, national and international level.

For more than ten years, we have spearheaded various food-related initiatives and are Sweden’s first and largest incubator and science park with focus on food. Krinova is one of 65 members of the national association for Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP).


Aula Dei Scientific and Technological Park Foundation, Spain
Aula Dei Science and Technology Park (PCTAD) Foundation is a private foundation of public initiative created in October 2006 as a joint initiative of the Government of Aragon and the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), with the goal of leading the development of a Science and Technological Park in the Aula Dei Campus (Zaragoza).

PCTAD is integrated by Public and Private entities, like prestigious institutions, research centers and industries in the agrifood and environmental sectors and acts as a facilitator actor between all the agents that comprise it.

PCTAD collects all the technological offer and the knowledge generated in the different research centers in the Science Park and coordinates the performance of different activities which ensure they are efficiently transferred to the business sector, and on the other hand, PCTAD works to identify the technological needs of the agri-food companies to offer them the best solutions.

PCTAD is a community of innovation and a meeting point for institutions, and companies collaborating in R&D&I and knowledge transfer. Since 2019 PCTAD is leading PORCINNOVA, a business accelerator in order to support innovative startups and accelerate the transformation of businesses aiming at transferring and applying new technologies across the pig industry value chain.


DTU Skylab FoodLab at Technical University of Denmark
The DTU Skylab FoodLab is an interdisciplinary space for food innovation. We enable applied learning and entrepreneurship by focusing on student innovation and collaboration with public and private sectors. Ideas and projects are tested in close cooperation with fellow students, businesses, educators, researchers, policy makers, artists and chefs.

Alternative and stimulation learning environment
By constructing an alternative and stimulating learning environment, we use food as a multifunctional tool to address complex issues related to the food systems. We promote fearless development of future human-centered technologies, food products, and sustainable solutions to global challenges.

Our mission
We believe that everyone has a relationship to food, and that everyone in the world is affected by the way in which food is designed, produced, distributed and consumed.Our mission is to provide our community of innovators a supportive environment where ideas run wild. We promote diversity and celebrate failure as necessary steps for innovation. We encourage critical discussions. We stand for progress, for moving society ahead, for inspiring others. We are makers. We are bound by common values of honesty, transparency, ethics and commitment towards what we do.

Collaboration and partnerships
We act and inspire locally and internationally. We are interested in establishing future collaborations and partnerships with innovators, universities and organizations, working in the field of sustainable development and food system change.

The DTU Skylab FoodLab facility
Our facility can host product development activities, events, workshops and interdisciplinary lectures. DTU students and young entrepreneurs working in the field of food, food tech and Agro-tech, have free access to the FoodLab facility.

If you are living outside of Denmark, you can apply to our international internship.


Marketmentoro, Cyprus
MARKETMENTORO LTD (MM) through a dynamic team of young scientists provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of modern European enterprises, start- ups and scientists especially on matters like innovation, management and technology.

MARKTEMENTORO has extensive experience in providing policy advice on all levels of government relating to social development issues, local and regional development, cultural development, promotion of links and synergies with the central government, inter- and intra-sectoral/inter-sectoral communication on central, local and regional levels and collaboration under reform strategies.

Moreover, MARKETMENTORO has a wide experience in vocational training services. It is also increasingly active in international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad.

Marketmentoro specializes in services concerning innovation and technology transfer, elaboration and implementation of European projects concerning the economy, agroindustrial or technological development sectors. Marketmentoro provides organization of training programs concerning the exploitation of European projects and specialized technological issues as well as events of the startup communities.

Finally, the company's team possesses expertise in various fields, such as energy production, agrofood sector, waste management, characterization of advanced materials and they participate in various technological projects (private and funded) in collaboration with local academic institutions using the facilities of the latter.


Lund University, Sweden
Lund University (LU) was founded in 1666 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 40,000 students and 7,400 staff based in southern Sweden.

ULUND are united in efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition. LU offers a broad range of programmes and courses based on cross-disciplinarity and cutting-edge research. LU has an annual turnover of SEK 8.2 billion of which approximately two-thirds go to research.

The research is characterised by both breadth and strength. Over thirty of the research fields are world-leading according to independent evaluations. Two of the world’s foremost research facilities for materials research and life science are established in Lund. MAX IV, which was inaugurated in June 2016, is the leading synchrotron radiation facility in the world.

The European research facility ESS will be the world’s most powerful neutron source when it opens for research in 2023. MAX IV and ESS will have a major impact on future scientific and industrial development in both material science and life science. Ideon Science Park, Medicon Village and Science Village Scandinavia are closely linked to Lund University, integrating research, innovation and entrepreneurship.



Roberto Flore
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