Skylab is one huge castle for Co-creation. Our large open work area can be used for exhibitions, events and study. Just pick a seat and turn on your computer. Go to the social lounge area for a break, where you can test your X-box gaming skills or just relax with a cup of coffee.

Permanent computers and open workstations are found on the first floor. The workstations are overlooking the ground floor so you will be able to see what’s going on down under.
You also have access to group- and meeting rooms where you can have great brainstorm sessions writing on the walls or roll down the curtains for exam sessions. For smaller courses or workshops our 60 m2 beautiful, free-flowing Skybox can fit up to 30 people.






Open work area

The lounge is located on the ground floor next to the kitchenette. Use the lounge area for relaxing times and chill out in the couches, or challenge your friends with some fuss ball.

Next to the lounge you will find the open work area. The open work area consists of 146 m2 and you just take a seat besides the other students and work with your projects.

Computers and workstations

The permanent work stations are located on the first floor. The stations are equipped with computers which among other things contain programmes such as Creo, Coral Draw, Spartan, Autodesk Inventor and ChemOffice. The drawing programmes can be used for the 3D-printers. Draw your prototype in Solid Works and let the 3D-printer print it for you.


You can use the auditorium for lectures and events. It seats 110 people and can easily be extended into the open work space for a maximum of 300 people. The tables are flexible on wheels so you can re-organize the room for group work - easily and fast. See 4 suggestions on how to set-up the auditorium.

The auditorium contains state of the art AV equipment, robot cameras for recording lectures, pitches.

Project rooms

On the first floor, we have 3 project rooms available:

1. Hale-Bopp (14m2).
2. Polaris (16m2).
3. Tellus (16m2).

The walls function as whiteboards so you can write directly on the walls.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms are located on the first floor where we have two meeting rooms:
1. Apollo (32 m2)
2. Skybox (60 m2).

Skybox, the large meeting room, can be split up in two rooms by a movable wall. Both meeting rooms contain whiteboards and flip-overs.

Besides the two meeting rooms, we also have an open study area (26 m2) which also can be used for informal meetings. This area is also located on the first floor.


In the basement, you will find a plotter, a printer, access to storage area and a lounge area where you can relax in fatboys and sofas.

Printers and Plotters

Printer 1: Black & White - located on first floor - free of charge. Be aware of a maximum print volume of 30 pages. Printer name: LY373-198b-BW1.

Printer 2
: Color – Located in the basement in the open area. Printer name: LY373-1102k-CO2.

Printer 3
: Plotter: Located in the basement in the open area. Printer name: LY373-1102k-CO1.

Installing the printers: Find the guidelines for installing the printer on your laptop here.

Use your DTU print card for printer 2 and 3. You can buy a print card at the automat in the library in 101. Find guidelines for using the printers next to the each printer.
16 OCTOBER 2019