Labs and Workshops

Our prototyping workshops cover everything from wood workshop, laboratory, electronics and rapid prototyping studio as well as a pretotyping area. The equipment varies from 3D printers, Arduino kits, plasma and laser cutters, CNC machines all the way to a robot arm and much more.

In the workshops, our staff are ready to help you build prototypes and they will assist you in operating the equipment.

The workshops are open as follows

Monday: 8.00-15.15

Tuesday: 8.00-16.45

Wednesday: 8.00-16.45


Friday: 8.00-14.00

Lunch break: 12.00-12.45

Team Manager Jakob Svagin,, +45 28 72 04 88.








DTU Skylab FoodLab vision

The FoodLab was established in Skylab on 24 September 2018 and is the new member of the Skylab family. The
FoodLab is an interdisciplinary space for food innovation. We enable applied
learning and entrepreneurship by focusing on student innovation, and
collaboration with public and private sectors. Ideas and projects are tested in
close cooperation with fellow students, businesses, educators, researchers,
policy makers, artists and chefs.

We use food as a core ingredient to unleash creativity and instigate dialogues
across disciplines. We support innovation by providing all DTU students with
free access to our workshop and offering them the possibility of conducting
research, product development and prototyping.
By constructing an alternative and stimulating learning environment, we use
food as a multifunctional tool to address the complex issues that our world
faces. We promote fearless development of future human-centered
technologies, food products, and sustainable solutions to global challenges.

For us, the word ‘food’ does not only categorize food as an ingredient but also
as a complex ecosystem. Therefore, we aim to engage with universities,
organizations, and companies interested in designing and testing new materials,
tools and technologies related to the food industry.

We believe that everyone has a relationship to food and that everyone in the
world is affected by the way in which food is designed, produced, distributed and
consumed. Our mission is to provide our students with a supportive environment
where ideas run wild.
We promote diversity and celebrate failure as necessary steps for innovation.
We encourage critical discussions. We stand for progress, for moving society
ahead, for inspiring others. We are makers. We are bound by common values
of honesty, transparency, ethics and commitment towards what we do.

We promote the growth of humanity through the development of comprehensive
and available technological solutions. The FoodLab is strongly connected with
the other workshop facilities and integrated into Skylab activities and the greater
DTU community. We are a team. We are one big family.

Do you have ideas or upcoming projects? Then write an email to Roberto Flore – at DTU Skylab.

Foodlab has received grants from DTU Jubilæumsfonden and Ellabfonden.

Oyster in DTU FoodLab
Student in DTU FoodLab

Metal workshop

For the more precision oriented tasks, we offer CNC machines to perform jobs. We also have more traditional, manual machines in the workshop. We can work in everything from copper, steel, aluminum to soft materials such as POM and Teflon.

Our workshop machines:

  • Manual Milling Machine
  • Manual Lathe
  • Bench drill press
  • CNC Milling Machines
  • CNC Lathe
  • Robotic arm ( milling and plasma cutting)
  • Material hardening tester ( Rockwell RC)
  • Horizontal Bandsaw    

Wood workshop

Basically all machines for cutting wood sheets, wood profiles, lists, etc. are available in the workshop. We also have an large assortment of screws, glue, paint, etc.

• Bandsaw
• Table Saw
• Bench drill press
• Wood router
• Jigsaw
• Sander
• Electric power planer
• Circular saw
• Hammers
• Hand Files
• Wood chisel
• Screwdrivers

Welding workshop

We have everything you could wish for equipment wise for welding. We can work in steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. These are the machines in the welding area:

  • TIG / MAG welding unit    
  • Belt sander
  • Angle grinder
  • Bending machine
  • Sand blaster
  • Bench grinders    

Rapid prototyping

A workshop where you fabricate pilot/ first series models using. 3D printing and laser cutting. All materials are to be found in the workshop.
How to use the laser cutter.
Guide to 3D print

• 3d printer
• Laser cutter

Electronic workshop

Electronic measuring equipment and electrical components are to be found in the workshop. Arduino can be borrowed by agreement.

• Oscilloscoper (Analogue og digital prober)
• Multimetre
• Soldering guns
• Great selection of electronic components
• Development Tools (Arduino, breadboards, sensor...)
• Variable power supply
• Mobil multimeter

Wet Lab

DTU Skylab has a Laboratory with a great range of tools, instruments and materials/chemicals.

The lab contains the following:

  • LC-MS
  • different microskopes
  • UV-lamp
  • centrifuge
  • muffel oven
  • incubator
  • heatblocks
  • precision scale
  • and a range of other laboratory equipment

For more info, please contact Poul Thorbjørn Sørensen,

Design lab

The Design Lab is a research and interaction design facility and contains:

• Individually controllable HD cameras
• HD microphones for audio
• Movable wall to split the room into two independent spaces
• Two camera control stations - control the cameras and mic's in each half of the room
• Two editing stations - cut your recording down to the size you want and upload it onto your hard drive
• Two screens with laptop hook-up (HDMI)
• Professional level lighting suitable for HD video.

Note that the Design Lab cannot be booked for regular meetings and team work.
The Design Lab is funded by DTU Management Engineering by 1 million DKK.
16 OCTOBER 2019