Would you like to teach your course in a living lab for innovation and entrepreneurship?

  • Learning for and through innovation & entrepreneurship is the pivot of the teaching & learning activities in our house. The students enjoy the learning space and it helps them foster and execute on new ideas rapidly.

  • High fives go out to our innovative researchers who translate real world challenges into hands-on cases that students either try to address or actually solve with brave new ideas.

  • Our core facilities allow the students to dive directly into developing prototypes at any of the technology Labs, where our excellent staff guides, re-thinks and re-designs in collaboration with the students, to meet the Learning objectives of a course.

Teaching your course at DTU Skylab and how to go about it!


  • Creative teaching methods
  • Innovation as a course component
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Does your course foster an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Do the students create prototypes?
  • Does the course dive into real world challenges?

Then let us collaborate on teaching your course at our facility.

You are always welcome to fill out our Application form.


Peter Munkebo Hussmann
Head of Administration, DTU Skylab
DTU Skylab
+45 40 71 00 60
Skylab Developer Hall. Photo: Niels Nygaard
View teaching space and meeting rooms.