Student Community

DTU Skylab has a large and vibrant community of students participating in startups, projects, initiatives or just meeting up at our facility. All students are welcome to drop by and use our DTU Skylab. You can even book our meeting rooms to meet up with your fellow students for to discuss projects or assignments. You can also use our labs and workshops, though some of the facilities require permission. Learn more about this in the section “Prototyping”. 
Examples of student driven projects and initiatives in DTU Skylab:
DanSTAR is currently the only Nordic student rocketry club working with all aspects of bi-liquid rocketry. DanSTAR is fueled purely by strong student initiatives with members from several DTU institutes and neighboring universities.

Vermilion Racing
Formula Student is the worlds largest engineering competition. Vermilion Racing is currently competing in Formula Student United Kingdom which takes place on the famous Silverstone track. The Vermilion Racer is a fully student build electric driven race car.

Student ambassadors 

SDG Student Ambassadors
A student initiative, founded at Danish Technical University (DTU) in 2017. Students from different universities in Copenhagen join as active members and contribute to the mission as volunteers. The initiative is currently supported by DTU Skylab.

DTU Skylab Ambassadors