Grow Nordic

Stay a week at a Scandinavian co-working space!

Since 2015 co-working spaces from the Scandinavian Nordic Five Tech universities and friends have had their doors open for the others users for desk surfing – for free and with a desk available.

This means that a student from DTU can go as an individual, startup or study-group and work for a week at one of these co-working spaces.
Besides simply experiencing a new ecosystem and getting inspired, reasons to go could be:

  • visiting established companies
  • meeting startups
  • participate in events or competitions
  • meet customers
  • use makerspace to build prototypes, etc.

EXPENSES ARE COVERED for travel and accommodation up to around 400 euro per person for students moving between NTNU, KTH, Chalmers and DTU. Note that projects in this case need to be related to study/ECTS giving activities – we will help you sort that out!

Unlock the full capacity of the Nordic entrepreneurial community! Create a profile and see more at:

Spaces to go with travel funding:

  • NTNU (Trondheim, Norway)
  • KTH Student Inc. (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Chalmers Ventures (Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • DTU Skylab (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Other spaces for desksurfing without funding


  • Founders House
  • Rockets Labs (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • SUND Innovation Hub (Copenhagen)
  • CSE, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (Copenhagen)


  • Oslo International Hub (Oslo)
  • MESH (Oslo)
  • So Central (Oslo) DrivInkubator (Oslo)


  • Startup Sauna, Aalto (Helsinki)
  • Design Factory (Helsinki)
  • Business Kitchen (Oulu)


DTU, NTNU, KTH, Chalmers

Travel funding

Project period
June 2016 - October 2018

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Kristoffer Buch
Project Manager

+45 21 18 00 63
19 FEBRUARY 2018