DTU Skylab is the place for all students, regardless if you are looking for feedback on your idea or funding for an exciting new project, we can provide you with help and coaching in many different aspects of the startup phase.

Students who are tinkering with a concept for their own startup, want to make a prototype or are simply looking for inspiration are all welcome at DTU Skylab.

By utilizing our wide network of coaches, developers, mentors and in-house competencies, we are able to offer startups a broad range of services and can provide them with coaching within many different areas such as business development and engineering design. Students can access coaching in product and business development, technical advice, patenting, financing and funding among others.
Get more information about funding and apply, and get an overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Denmark.

DTU Skylab is the place to test your ideas and get fast feedback from peers and professionals. The many workshops and laboratories make it possible for you to use rapid prototyping to develop and test your ideas. DTU Skylab offers assistance free of charge to all relevant projects and welcomes everything from the very early concept stage to established startups with products ready to meet a market.

We also welcome people from outside DTU as long as there is at least one DTU student on the team.



Pål Simon Fernvall
Project Manager &
Start-up Coach

+45 24 89 73 30


Kristoffer Buch
Project Manager &
Start-up Coach

+45 2118 0063
19 FEBRUARY 2018