Access to teaching facilities

Want to use the teaching facilities at DTU Skylab for one of your courses? Apply now for the academic year 2017/2018

At Skylab, faculty is invited to teach their courses and host extra-curricular activities that aim to foster the entrepreneurial and innovative skills of students.

We have a bright and airy auditorium seating up to 100 people that can be extended into the open co-creation space. The auditorium is equipped with flexible tables on wheels that can be combined in various ways allowing for group work.

It is easy to alternate between lecturing and practical learning as the workshops and the laboratory allows the students to immediately translate what they heard in the lectures into experiments and prototypes. Have a look at our website to find information about the different workshops and the equipment available.

Skylab also offers access to group- and meeting rooms where you can have great brainstorm sessions writing on the walls or roll down the curtains for exam sessions. For smaller courses or workshops, our 60 m2 beautiful, free-flowing Skybox can fit up to 20 students. And don’t forget our kitchen where students and faculty can help themselves to free coffee.

Practical information
Please be aware that Skylab is a lively place and is open for everyone during office hours: 8.00-18.00. Students will be using the workshops, sitting in the open space building prototypes, staff showing visitors around, people playing fussball in the basement – the auditorium and Skybox are soundproof when closed, but if your course requires deep concentration, maybe you come visit Skylab prior to applying to see if it is the right fit.

The auditorium and Skybox is part of DTU teaching facilities and AIT delivers support to the AV-equipment. The rooms have a standard setting of chairs and tables and if you require a different setting, you will need to rearrange this yourselves – Skylab unfortunately does not have staff available to take care of such practical matters. Please refer to the booking guidelines for more practical information:

The application process
You’ll find the link to the application form in the box on the right hand side of the screen. You can apply for the entire academic year 2017/2018 including the 3 week courses in June, July and August 2018. We are having a rolling application which means that you are always welcome to send in an application, which we then will check against availability and fit with the Skylab mission and respond to you as soon as possible.

Please get in contact with Sannie at Skylab if you have any questions (email:, phone: 6011 0776). Also, you are very welcome to forward this to colleagues that you think could be interested.


Sannie Fisker
Senior Executive
Entrepreneurship Officer

+45 6011 0776
18 JUNE 2018