Entrepreneurial learning is the backbone of DTU Skylab. Our facilities embrace teaching where you as a student get hands-on practical experience, by alternating between theory, experiments and prototyping and where mistakes are seen as merely opportunities to learn.

At DTU Skylab you get the opportunity to combine theoretical and hands-on learning, which boosts your creative solution oriented thinking and strengthens your engineering skills.

At DTU Skylab it is easy to alternate between lecturing and practical learning. The workshops allow you to immediately translate what you have learned in the lectures into experiments and prototypes. Faculty members are invited and encouraged to teach their courses and host extra-curricular activities aiming to foster your entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities.

Our bright and airy auditorium seats up to 100 people and can be extended into the open co-creation space, enabling lectures seating more than 200 students. The auditorium is equipped with flexible tables on wheels that can be combined in various ways, allowing for group work.


Sannie Fisker
Chief  Executive
Entrepreneurship Officer

+45 6011 0776
18 JUNE 2018